Weigh In – Week 17

Starting Weight: 242.4
Previous Weight: 227.6
Week 17: +1.0
Current Weight: 228.6
Total Loss: -13.8

I’m not at all surprised to be up a pound. Due to a number of things (including a sick baby and my podatrist appointment), the only exercise I managed to get in was one hot yoga class on Sunday. I obviously still ate like I was working out (and then some) which is a good lesson and reminder to watch my calories and track.

I’m determined to work around this injury and make this week a good one!


I’ve Got 99 Problems (okay…I’ve got 4)

I’m so thankful that my appointment at the podiatrist wasn’t horrible news like surgery or a cast or crutches. The doctor took x-rays and examined my foot and determined that I have moderate Achilles tendonitis. I have a nodule on the tendon and while I thought it was from T25, he said it could have been slowly building and T25 just made it painfully obvious that something was wrong. He gave me a soft brace to wear during the day, a more structured brace to wear at night, gel heel lifts for my shoes, some anti-inflammatory gel, and instructions for Advil, rest, stretching, and icing. He said no high-impact anything for quite a while but gave me the okay for yoga thank goodness! I have to go back in two weeks and hope it manages to heal a little by then.

Despite how minor the injury is, it still really bothers me because I want to work out. I want to sweat and push myself. I want to finish T25 and get the t-shirt. But right now, the only sweating I’ll be doing is in hot yoga. Again, I’m thankful for that, but can’t help but feel a loss of control over my weight loss. And let’s be honest, I haven’t exactly been losing weight consistently or at a rate that I’m happy about. I recently tweeted that I felt unmotivated and lost, and while the injury isn’t helping, it made me realize that I need to suck it up and work with what I have. So what do I do? Identify the problems and come up with a solution. Here we go.

Problem 1 – Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers? I have been floundering between keto and paleo and Weight Watchers. I haven’t been truly dedicated to any one way of eating since I pretty much threw in the keto towel a few weeks ago. I haven’t gone crazy and fallen off the weight loss wagon but I haven’t been trying as hard as I need to in order to lose a large amount of weight.

Solution 1: I’ve decided to focus on calorie counting through MyFitnessPal through the month of April to see how that works. I never cancelled my WW online membership and I will keep that for this month as well to see how the points and calories equal out.

Solution 2: I have a Monday morning appointment at the fitness center for a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test. I did the same test in 2012 where I was surprised to learn that my RMR was pretty high. I’m excited to learn if it has changed and what my current RMR is so that I can make an educated decision about calories based on my own needs.

Problem 2 – Time. My alarm goes off at 4:10am during the week. Waking up that early gives me enough time to: shower, get ready, pack my lunch, iron my clothes, wake up both kids, get them dressed/ready, give the baby a bottle, drive to daycare, drop off kids, and get to work at 7:30. I like getting to work at 7:30 because I have some quiet time to work, I get out of there at 4pm, and am able to make it to yoga one day a week after work. I’ve thought about pushing my start time to 8am but that has potential to cause too many issues later in the day. Once I leave work, I either run an errand (groceries or something else we need) or go pick up the kids or head straight home to start dinner. Between 4:30-7:30 it’s dinner, hang out with kids, baths, bedtime. I am in bed by 8:30-9.

Solution: Pack my lunch and iron my clothes the night before, suck it up 2x a week and wake up a little before 4am to workout.

Problem 3 – Injury. Since I can’t do T25 or run on the treadmill or the 30 Day Shred right now, I have to do low-impact stuff like Walk Away the Pounds and yoga.

Solution: Walk Away the Pounds 3x/week (2x/weekdays and 1x/weekend). Yoga 2x a week (1x/weekday and 1x/weekend). Maybe add another 30 min activity (Pilates DVD or treadmill workout) during the weekend if my foot can tolerate it.

Problem 4 – Accountability. I haven’t felt accountable for anything weight loss-related which means I have been lazy.

Solution: An accountability partner! My dear friend and future Fitbloggin’ roommate, Emily (Fit and Free with Emily), is now my accountablity partner and I’m excited about it!

So there they are. My problems and my solutions all tied up with a nice little bow.

If only it were that easy.

But you know what? I know it is not going to be easy but I’m going to to give it my all. I’m going to put in the work and I’m going to get the results. The results may not be fast and they may not be easy but I’m not giving up.

If you want to follow me on MyFitnessPal, my ID is now fitdawnblog – please add me as a friend so we can support each other on there too! 🙂


Weigh In – Week 16

I’m nearly a week late with this, but finally…progress! The scale finally went down instead of up – and while it’s not a very big number – I will happily take it! I did my weigh-in last Friday morning but haven’t had time to sit at the computer to type this out until now.

Starting Weight: 242.4
Previous Weight: 229.2
Week 16: -1.6
Current Weight: 227.6
Total Loss: -14.8

I know I promised an initial review on T25 but that’s going to have to wait a while since I managed to hurt myself within the first 7 days. I wore the wrong type of shoe for this kind of workout (running shoes instead of cross trainers…don’t do that!) and honestly didn’t even think about it until things started hurting. I pushed through the pain during the last two T25 workouts on Sunday and Monday of last week, but then I wised up and knew that I had to take a break from T25 in order to avoid a real injury. I have gone to hot yoga a few times and felt okay, but sadly, yoga has been the extent of my activity for the past week. I had an appointment at the podiatrist today and while there’s nothing seriously wrong, it’s still not great news. More on that tomorrow.

Last week’s goals:
Drink 100 oz of water per day – I did okay on this but wasn’t perfect. It’s easy for me to drink a lot of water during the work week since I’m literally 10 steps from the water cooler at work, but it’s much more challenging on the weekend. I need to focus on drinking more water every day of the week.

Go to hot yoga at least twice – success! I went on Sunday and Tuesday!

Finish week two of T25 – that obviously didn’t happen. Bummer.

Since this post is so late and I need to come up with a plan for my foot/ankle, I’ll wait to post my new goals until this Friday’s weigh-in. I’m trying to stay positive and take this one day at a time. It could be worse! 🙂


Weigh In – Week 15 (The Return)

I knew it was going to happen eventually but still wasn’t really prepared since it’s been over a year. I didn’t miss it at all but I suppose the return means my body is doing something right.

(Yes, I’m talking about the return of my period.)

I have been in the worst funk all week. I’ve been sad, frustrated, irritated, and angry. I’ve been insatiably hungry, tired, and have felt like a beached whale due to bloat and water retention. I have had headaches, backaches, and cramps. Did I mention that I was tired? Hormones are no joke!

The past two weeks were probably the worst time to stop keto. Not being ‘on’ keto gave me just the right amount of leeway to give into cravings and have chocolate, but honestly, it was one afternoon of weakness at work and then I stopped. I have been using the Weight Watchers app to track this week and I tracked every single thing so it could have been much worse. And despite yet another small gain, I’m proud for pushing through all of the crap from above (aches, cramps, exhaustion) and completing the first week of T25 Alpha. I will do a separate blog post dedicated to my thoughts on T25, but as I’ve said on Twitter and IG – Shaun T is a beast and T25 is tough!

Last week’s weigh-in frustration and declaration of quitting keto was probably premature. After being ‘off’ of keto for a week, and even though I didn’t go crazy with carbs, I felt much better when I was following keto. Other than my afternoon run-in with the candy dish at work, I’ve only had one small sweet potato, half a banana in my morning smoothie, and some clementines. I still subbed vegetables for carbs (zucchini noodles intead of pasta, a salad instead of rice) so I didn’t go too far off track, but I think I want to give keto another chance. It may be a paleo-keto hybrid…I don’t know. What I do know is that I felt like crap when I ate sugar so I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon.

So here’s where I’m at:

Starting Weight: 242.4
Previous Weight: 229
Week 15: +0.2
Current Weight: 229.2
Total Loss: -13.2

I suppose a .2 gain is no big deal in the grand scheme of things but I’m sick of the scale going up and not down. My goals for this week:
-Finish Week Two of T25
-Drink 100 oz of water each day
-Go to at least two hot yoga classes a

I’m just going to keep trying…


Weigh In – Week 14: Seriously?!

I am done with keto. After seven weeks of (almost) no pasta, bread, rice, sugar, potatoes, desserts, candy, pizza, fruit, and a million other things I love, I have lost exactly 5.8 pounds. I am frustrated and feel like I’m at a standstill, so I am moving on from keto. I am not moving far since I plan to ease right into paleo and I hope the elimination of dairy and addition of my beloved fruits and sweet potatoes kick my metabolism into something other than lose-lose-stall-gain-lose-gain-gain. It’s possible that this week’s small gain was due to having one very small piece of birthday cake and two pieces of pizza at my daughter’s birthday party – or it could just be that I need to poop – but either way, I’ve had enough. Yes, I fell prey to temptation, but lemme just tell you that birthday cake from Wegmans is seriously worth the calories. Vanilla cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting? Worth it. The pizza wasn’t quite as good as the cake, but I was hungry. I failed to eat before the party, failed to take a snack with me to the party, and let’s face it – a vegetable tray wasn’t going to cut it. My weight during the week dipped down and then back up so who the heck knows. Can you tell that I’m frustrated? 🙂

Starting Weight: 242.4
Previous Weight: 228.8
Week 14: +0.2
Current Weight: 229
Total Loss: -13.4

I’m starting Focus T25 tomorrow morning and am pumped to have a workout plan to whip my butt into gear. I’m pretty sure that I will need to wake up at 3:45am during the week since working out at home after work is virtually impossible right now. I am determined to lose this weight and get healthy – so if that means waking up before some people go to bed, then so be it!


Weigh In – Week 13

I know that the scale is not always an indication of progress. I know that fluctuations are normal. And I know that I still need to take my measurements. But man, I’d be lying if I said that another gain isn’t frustrating me!

I have read that weeks 5-7 are still within the norm for plateau/gain weeks for keto because of water retention, but a gain still sucks. I’m going to give keto another week and then reevaluate this plan and whether or not it is for me. Overall, I think that low carb works well for me but I may start leaning more towards the paleo side. It wouldn’t be a drastic change since I’d really just switch out dairy for fruit/sweet potatoes and I did well with Whole30 in 2012.

The good news is that despite not taking measurements yet (bad Dawn!) I know that I’m losing inches. I do wish those inches were primarily from my stomach but I think I’ve been losing the most in my hips and legs. I can zip up my pre-pregnancy pants but due to the squishy belly area from pregnancy, I still have a muffin top. It’s not as bad as a few weeks ago but let’s be real – a muffin top isn’t a good look for anyone.

Starting Weight: 242.4
Previous Weight: 227.8
Week 13: +1
Current Weight: 228.8
Total Loss: -13.6

I know that losing an average of one pound per week is considered healthy and increases the liklihood that the weight will stay off. I know that I’m better off now than I was 13 weeks ago. But I can’t help but be a little sad that the scale isn’t moving just a little bit faster.

This weekend will be a big challenge since we’re celebrating Sydney’s third birthday with family and friends. Her birthday party is at a bounce house place and the food available was pizza, chicken tenders, a fruit platter, and vegetable platter. I ordered extra pizza and the vegetable platter so I can snack on the vegetables if I get hungry, but I really need to eat something before we go. My biggest concern is the cake from Wegman’s: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and strawberry filling. DROOL. We got it for her party last year and loved it so much that we got it again. I know one bite probably wouldn’t hurt, but I already know what it tastes like so it’s not worth the risk, right? I feel like I need to keep my no sweets streak going!

In addition to the birthday party food, my parents and in-laws will be spending the weekend with us so that means even more mom-made comfort foods. I need to hit the grocery store after work so that I have healthy snacks and options/alternatives for me. I want to make a breakfast casserole for everyone and need to find a recipe for a smaller one for me. 😉

I hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to sharing my victories early next week!


Livebloggin’ at Fitbloggin’!

I was able to attend my very first Fitbloggin’ in 2012 thanks to Jen at PriorFatGirl. It was practically in my backyard since it was in Baltimore so I drove up there without knowing a single person – and I had the most amazing time. As anyone who has attended Fitbloggin’ knows, you may arrive not knowing a soul, but only a few days later, you will leave with new friends and a strong love for the Fitbloggin’ community. I bought my Fitbloggin’ 13 ticket the day they went on sale, applied for a group discussion topic, and bought a plane ticket months and months in advance. As it turned out, I wasn’t able to attend because I had to save my vacation days (and money!) for maternity leave. But man, while I knew it was the right decision, it still made me sad to miss out on the conference. I was determined to make it to Fitbloggin’ 14 in Savannah!

I am so happy and excited and thankful to be attending Fitbloggin’ 14 as a Liveblogger! I applied for a spot minutes after the application opened up and was on pins and needles until I found out that I was lucky enough to be selected. I bought my plane ticket a few days ago (when I noticed a flight I was watching had dropped by almost $100) and am rooming with my wonderful friend Emily from Fit and Free Emily. Everything is set and I can’t wait for June!

I’ll be talking more about Fitbloggin’ as the conference approaches – and if you’re going, please let me know!